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windy day

What do you do when you don’t have any great words of wisdom or advice or humor to share, but you’ve committed yourself to blogging something every day? Let me know when you figure it out…and soon please, because that’s me today.

I took a walk on this extremely blustery day and couldn’t decide which was harder: going into the wind or walking with it. When going against the gale, my leg muscles burned and I leaned forward further than was comfortable. Just when I thought I had a good rhythm going, the wind would shift and I’d almost fall face first. When the wind was behind me, the empty plastic cups raced me down the sidewalk, or just slammed into the back of my legs. I was forced to run or get my legs knocked out from under me.The sand hitting my face was not the beach sand I was dreaming about earlier this week.

It was certainly an adventure – navigating large stretches of watery sidewalks and chunks of thawing ice. This time of year brings mud and mess. I tracked all manners of refuse back into the office after my 2.5 mile trek but I wouldn’t change anything because…(here’s the moral of this rambling)…all of this means Spring is almost here! Though the winds and water are high, the birds are chirping and the air is a tad warmer. We just have to persevere a few more days.

So I added hope for Spring to my daily adventure. It’s just around the corner. Lean into the wind and give winter a chance to lessen its grip. By the way, for my baseball-loving friends, pitchers and catchers reported to spring training today. And for my Cub-loving friends – This. Is. The. Year.



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Today has been a glorious day! After what has seemed like a never ending winter, spring appears to be in sight. With temps in the 40s and 50s, it was wonderful to be able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Even with melting snow and slush covering sidewalks and streets, I couldn’t wait to get on a trail and get out for a run. While doing a few walking/running intervals I realized I had a perfect analogy for today’s “giving up for Lent” blog.

Sometimes I get in a routine and don’t really pay attention to what is going on around me. I’m going through the motions but not truly investing myself in the experience. It’s like running on a treadmill versus running outside on a trail. The treadmill gets the job done – you’re doing what you need to do – but it gets boring. Unless you’re moving the treadmill every morning, you’re looking at the same wall each time. Maybe you have a fancy one and you can program it for hills and valleys. Maybe you can watch TV or read a book while you’re running. I don’t think it matters. You aren’t fully invested in the total experience that running can give you.

No matter how many bells and whistles, your treadmill cannot give you what a good outdoor run can. You cannot imitate the sounds of the cardinals in the trees, the sight of deer and bunnies along the trail, the apprehension each time you jump over puddles, the smiles you give and receive to fellow runners or dog walkers. There’s no way to duplicate the sunshine reflecting off the melting snow or the feeling of damp, cold air on your face.


Let’s shake off the winter doldrums and become fully invested in spring. No more going through the motions of living. Instead, decide to be fully present in the moment.

Give the people near you your complete attention.

Listen to their stories.

Laugh at their jokes.

Smile at each person you encounter today.

Notice things.

Study something new.

Observe nature.

Take an adventure.

Discover treasures.

Live big!

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