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For many years I relied pretty heavily on only one or two of my senses…my sight and my sense of smell. But my mindset has shifted as I age and I’m intentionally engaging all my senses. What a gift God has given us! The wonder of a sunset, the sound of waves on the shore, the aroma of fragrant flowers, the feel of silky baby skin, the smooth flavor of dark chocolate melting in my mouth. I hope you’ll enjoy the photos I’m including in today’s blog as I remember the sights, sounds, smells, flavors, and feel of my August vacation to the Pacific Northwest.


Flying into Seattle at dusk.


The intricate beauty of a flower


Close up of small shells stacking inches high along the waterway.


Pike Place Farmer’s Market – strings of chilies.


The silhouette of my nephew.

Under the pier

Under a restaurant pier in Poulsbo, Washington


Foggy morning in downtown Seattle


A sailboat floating by in the waterway.



A harbor in Poulsbo, Washington


Preparing flowers for my nephew’s wedding

Get up close or take a big step back. Big breath in, large exhale. Touch the texture of furniture, skin, upholstery, flower petals. Get quiet to hear the sounds of birds, insects, raindrops, distant machines. Get down into the grass to see each individual blade. Go to the top of the parking deck and look out over your world. Explore new taste sensations: chilies, chocolate, sweet, spicy, savory. Close your eyes and listen or smell what’s happening around you.

God has granted us an opportunity to enjoy so much more than we take advantage of. Engage all those senses – breath it all in.

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Nebraska_flooding_AHave you been following the tragic stories coming out of Nebraska? For the last week, horrible flooding has devastated at least 53 of the 93 counties, swallowing up family farms, swamping towns, destroying roads and bridges. It is heartbreaking to see the pictures being posted on social media. What a helpless feeling.


Stamats offices – June 2008

When Cedar Rapids flooded in 2008, our offices were destroyed by river water going to heights never seen before. Ten blocks on both sides of the Cedar River were under water. Families were evacuated, many never returned to their homes. Volunteers sandbagged the one last water pump on the city’s northwest side to save it from flooding. Citizens came together as one to save what could be saved, help their neighbors salvage or muck out their homes after the waters receded and provide whatever support or supplies they could. But it was a terribly helpless feeling as we watched the waters go up, and up, and up.

There isn’t much I can physically do to help our neighbors to the west. I can’t go over there, I can’t provide enough food or water to matter…but I can give and I can pray. Some of you think that’s a cop out. Like praying doesn’t matter. But I know who  laid the world’s foundation, who marked off its dimensions and set its cornerstone. I have access to the One gives orders to the morning, has journeyed to the springs of the sea, entered the storehouses of snow and hail, and controls rivers in the wasteland. 

If I can speak to the Creator of the universe, you bet I’ll be pleading for the waters to recede and families to be rescued…for livestock to miraculously survive and homes to set up on islands…for money to be freed up quickly to help those in need…for communities to come together to rebuild without acrimony or bitterness.

FaithJoin me?




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This spring thaw has caused major damage and destruction across the Midwest. Complete towns devastated, roads and bridges destroyed by ice jams and raging flood waters. Would you take a moment to pray for all those affected by this tragedy?

In my little corner of the world it was pleasant enough to take a short walk this afternoon. I purposely kept my eyes to the ground. So often looking down can communicate depression but in this case, I wanted to see the world awakening in small ways.

My poor daffodils tried to come up out of the warming ground a couple of weeks early. After being buried under snow for a while they are pretty pale and wrinkled. Here’s hoping some significant sunshine will set things right.

The hope of spring feels real when I see the little green shoots of my narcissus next to my front door. That little bit of green is so welcome in my brown world.

I also noticed a beautiful ice bubble in one of the last snow packs in our yard. This area was underwater earlier this week but most of the water is gone and the rest froze again in today’s cooler temps. See that little bubble? It’s a tiny magnifying glass – so fragile – so perfect.

I like to think God delights over us much as I delighted in these little signs of spring. Excited to see how we’ll surface from the cold, lifeless journey of sin into the warmth of His love and care. Persevere, little one. Reach up to the Son. Bloom as He intends for you. You are filled with all you need to be beautiful!

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windy day

What do you do when you don’t have any great words of wisdom or advice or humor to share, but you’ve committed yourself to blogging something every day? Let me know when you figure it out…and soon please, because that’s me today.

I took a walk on this extremely blustery day and couldn’t decide which was harder: going into the wind or walking with it. When going against the gale, my leg muscles burned and I leaned forward further than was comfortable. Just when I thought I had a good rhythm going, the wind would shift and I’d almost fall face first. When the wind was behind me, the empty plastic cups raced me down the sidewalk, or just slammed into the back of my legs. I was forced to run or get my legs knocked out from under me.The sand hitting my face was not the beach sand I was dreaming about earlier this week.

It was certainly an adventure – navigating large stretches of watery sidewalks and chunks of thawing ice. This time of year brings mud and mess. I tracked all manners of refuse back into the office after my 2.5 mile trek but I wouldn’t change anything because…(here’s the moral of this rambling)…all of this means Spring is almost here! Though the winds and water are high, the birds are chirping and the air is a tad warmer. We just have to persevere a few more days.

So I added hope for Spring to my daily adventure. It’s just around the corner. Lean into the wind and give winter a chance to lessen its grip. By the way, for my baseball-loving friends, pitchers and catchers reported to spring training today. And for my Cub-loving friends – This. Is. The. Year.



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