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It’s a nasty thing. Pride keeps me from trying new things, meeting new people, and praying fresh prayers. I don’t want to look foolish or feel uncomfortable. I want people to think highly of me or more accurately, not find fault with me. So I try to be perfect. And fail miserably.

Within the last few years I’ve come to accept my shortcomings a little more. I know now that I’m missing out on fun adventures and amazing friendships. I’ve attempted to live a little bigger and give silliness a try once in a while. As I’ve grown older (and grayer), I’ve tried to see the world through new eyes. Instead of wasting time criticizing others’ looks and behavior, while trying to appear “exactly right,” I’m letting go of pride and embracing who God made me to be. Sometimes silly. Sometimes adventurous. Always less than perfect.


I still fail. Often.

I still struggle with pride every. single. day.

But I will not give up. Life is too short to give in to an issue that has no place in my life. Or yours. Let go of pride and pick up your dancing shoes.

“Pride leads to destruction.
    A proud attitude brings ruin.” Proverbs 16:18 (ICB)

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I spent this afternoon in the company of a wonderful group of my heroes. Everyone left their capes home for the day but I recognized them anyway. They’re moms. Not just ordinary moms…but extraordinary moms. They have chosen to sacrifice paying jobs, adult conversation, daily affirmation and bathrooms cleaned by someone else so they can teach their children math, reading, geography, science, love, acceptance, loyalty, honor, exploration, patriotism…They home school their children every day. They don’t love their kids more than you do. But they have made the decision to educate their own children and it isn’t an easy one. There are no medals at the end of their day for finishing the race. They are not better parents because they home school but they have chosen a difficult, and sometimes frustrating path. I’m a home schooling mom alum and I know that what they do is often unseen and unappreciated. They probably don’t hear the accolades they deserve. Their rewards are usually big hugs and sticky kisses. Which, now that I think about it, is a pretty wonderful pay check. Thank you for allowing me to relive a few memories and make some new friends.

On to my daily dose of “giving up.”

Day 4 – Give up Comparisons

When I first started running (11 months ago), I found it tempting to look at the Facebook posts of my friends who are runners. One young friend ran every day and posted the most amazing (to me) times and distances. I would get discouraged a bit comparing my pathetic times with hers. Another guy would post something like – “Took a quick 5 mile run after dinner. Not as fast as usual, but ok.” He would show a picture of his Garmin display with a 9 minute/mile pace. Seriously? Not as fast as usual? Who does he think he is – the Roadrunner? I was struggling to finish 2 miles at 11 minutes/mile and felt pretty good about it…until then.

My second 5K run last summer was a timed race and I stood at the back of the group at the finish to review the results. I was floored by how much everyone compared themselves to each other. By this time I had learned it was silly for me to compare myself to anyone else when it came to running. I was getting out there, I was meeting my goals and I was happy with my results. Comparing my results to any other runner wasn’t going to help me get better or faster. It would only be a source of discouragement and frustration.


I learned the “no comparison” lesson with running but it’s a never ending battle in other areas of my life. I still find myself looking at others in regards to my weight, my parenting, my choices, my teaching style, my prayer life, yada, yada, yada. Probably have some deep psychological issues of insecurity but those can wait for another post.

My point is comparing ourselves to others can only be debilitating. You’ll either judge yourself lacking compared to someone else’s success or you’ll determine you’re better than everyone else and become judgmental. Either end of the spectrum is faulty and damaging. My goal isn’t to judge myself worse or better than you…but to encourage you, build you up. Praise your successes – pray for you during your struggles – come alongside you in the good and not-so-good times.

So today I’m definitely making the decision to stop comparing myself to anyone else. I’m not going to use your accomplishments or your efforts as barometers for my own. I’m the best ME I can be and how you live and make choices doesn’t affect that fact. And the same goes for you.

Say this out loud to yourself.

I’m. The. Best. Me. Ever.

Now get out there and be amazing!

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