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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve compiled five favorites. Since I love to eat and love music, it’s no surprise what I’ve picked this week.

(1) Wilder Woods

I have been a NEEDTOBREATHE fan for years, often taking my kids (and sometimes Don) to their live concerts. I was very happy when I found out NTB lead singer Bear Rinehart has recorded a couple of songs as the solo artist Wilder Woods. I first heard the new music a few weeks ago on Spotify but the videos are on YouTube as well. Bear’s voice has always been distinctive so there was no way a fan couldn’t figure this out before the big reveal today. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ rating, for sure.

(2) Maddie Poppe’s new album Wildflowers

More music from Iowa’s sweetheart is a good thing. Winning last year’s American Idol propelled Maddie into the national spotlight but she seems to have stayed true to her musical roots. A little pop, a little country, a lot of catchy lyrics and toe tapping tunes. I enjoy each song, but especially the title track.

(3) Ham & Cheese Rollups

Made these last weekend for a brunch with girlfriends. Turned out great and will definitely be making them again. The sauce poured over the top would taste good on a flip flop.

(4) Street Tacos

I’m too old to care if my food choices have the latest cool ingredients. Hey – I loved Brussels sprouts before they were cool. But I do enjoy eating tasty food and I’ve really enjoyed eating street tacos. Now I can buy street taco size tortillas (both corn & flour) at my favorite grocery store. They are smaller, easier to hold and not as sloppy. And you can put just about anything inside: shrimp, fish, beef, pork, chicken. So good.

(5) Psalm 91

I have a few friends struggling with tough health issues and though I pray for each one, sometimes I struggle with what words to pray. But this psalm cuts to the heart.

God is our refuge, our place of safety. He is our rescuer, His angels are ordered to protect those who trust in Him. Read the whole thing and believe it!

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