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I was pretty stuck when thinking about what to blog about today. Most of the day I was nursing a bad attitude. I was irritated about almost everything, spinning anything to my “Poor me” perspective.

Then…I received a very nice surprise. My favorite (and only) sister walked into my office. She had come to town unannounced to get some freelance work done and suddenly, my gloomy, rainy, crappy day got a ray of sunshine. 

Isn’t it cool how God knows what we need when we need it? Many of you will call it a coincidence that my sister just happened to surprise me on a day when I was feeling blue but I’m not one who puts much stock in coincidences. I believe God cares about me, and desires to send “suddenlies” into my life. I believe God wants to show me His love, His grace and His favor in the everyday circumstances of life, even to orchestrating surprises to lift my spirits. 

My beautiful sister surprised me with her visit today, but she didn’t surprise God. He knew how blessed I would be to see her face, feel her hug and of course, listen to our laughter together. And now I have some together time to look forward to. No more gloomy day – now all I feel is warm and cozy. 

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Don and I do not live close to either side of our family. Except for our own children, the closest family member is two hours away. In years past, for a variety of reasons, I did not spend much time with any of my family. I can make excuses. I was busy raising my kids, busy in ministry, busy with schooling and work and activities. But in the last two years, I’ve come to realize that anyone will make time for what is important…what consumes your time, consumes your heart.

So I determined that for 2016, my word is family.

Now that we are almost one-quarter of the way through the year (yikes!), I want to evaluate my progress in meeting my goal of more family time. In January we travelled to Dubuque to see my nephew’s basketball game. In February Don and I went to Ames to take our son to breakfast and to meet some members of my soon-to-be daughter-in-law’s family. Today I just returned from a quick visit to see my sister, brother-in-law, aunt, brother, nephew and niece.

I love my amazing family…those I can visit often and those much further away. No matter how far apart my visits, I’m always welcomed with open arms. My sister and I can talk constantly, laugh uncontrollably, and reminisce tearfully…all night long.


I’m determined to be more than an aunt in name only to my brother’s kids. I want to watch my nephew play baseball and my niece perform gymnastic feats. I want to be a presence in the lives of my aunts and uncles. I enjoy listening to stories from my 8-year-old niece and my 88-year-old aunt. Both are delightful. In two weeks, I’ll watch another beloved niece get married. I’ll enjoy the antics of my little great-nephews, and hug my lovely mother-in-law. Two months from now, at my own son’s wedding, we’ll have the privilege of hosting many McGarvey and McCullough family members. What an opportunity for joyful expressions of love and acceptance!

I’m still very busy ~ I’m still involved in ministry, parenting, and work, but my determination, my priority is now to make intentional time for family. Time passes so quickly ~ let’s live so we have wonderful memories, not regrets.

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