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 As I begin the new year, I’m always compelled to set goals for the days, weeks and months ahead.  I don’t call them “New Year’s Resolutions” because I don’t hold myself to anything so rigid.  But I do like to reflect on the past year and all its activities and events and memories while gauging what the new year may bring.  Usually I determine that I spent too much time on things that don’t matter, and spent far less time on the important things of life.

Sometimes I think that as a modern Christian woman I should be able to do it all or be this great spiritual giant (and usually never accomplish anything).  But instead, God has asked that I give Him 100% of myself and He will give me all of Himself.   (Philippians 2:12-13)

This year I’m reaffirming my desire to put my relationship with the Lord first and foremost…and it’s not just to be more spiritual or appear more spiritual or to brag about how long my quiet time is.  I need God’s perspective in every area of my life.  This isn’t about checking off something on a list for today…”Put God first” – check!  God knows I need Him and the only way to get to know God is to spend time with Him.

I cannot make the mistake of substituting activity for God with a relationship with Him.  Reread the story of Mary and Martha – as an act of your will, you must choose the better thing.  Jesus didn’t say that cooking, cleaning, serving…were not good things, but all the activity in the world (or in the church) will never replace the peace and joy of a vital relationship with Jesus Christ.

God has not called us to live our lives as though we were in a three-ring circus.  He has called us to rest in Him, get to know His heart, delve into the Word of God as a love letter from our Father, and to trust Him with every area of our lives.  We give Him 100% and He will give you more than you could ever ask or imagine.

I pray you’ll have an awesome year of getting to know the Lover of your Soul.  Take time each week to read the Word and learn about the One who gave Himself for you…and desires to meet with you each day!

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