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Taking a long look in the mirror today. Probably should do it more often. I have a problem and except for God, no one can help me solve it. My problem is pride.

img_2356As a wife, mom, ministry leader, co-worker, I need to know about a lot of things. People count on me to keep track of details and schedules, managing minuscule bits of information for later retrieval. The problem is I think I need to know a lot about everything…things that are none of my business. I think about how I would solve a certain problem, and tell others my way. I think about how I would respond to someone’s issue, and then communicate it, even though it’s none of my concern. I poke my nose into other people’s problems and most are too nice to tell me to “butt out.”

I have a tendency to think my way of doing things, saying things, thinking things, is always the best way. Pride is a beautiful, ugly monster. The two-sided coin of believing in myself, but knowing I am but clay in the hands of the Master Potter. My trust cannot be in my own abilities, but in the Creator God who formed me in my mother’s womb. Ego is necessary for life…but without that mirror of self-reflection, it becomes a weapon of destruction.

Dan Rockwell writes a daily leadership blog that I find fascinating. His blog on the 10 Practices of Humility for Egotistical Leaders is one I need to read at least once a month. Probably should post it around my house and office too. He begins with the six symptoms of egotistical leadership…things like: ego thinks “I” and “me”…ego can’t be wrong…ego dismisses criticism and correction…and my personal favorite (cringe)…ego listens with a personal agenda. “What’s in it for me? How does this make me look? Who can I blame?”

So today I’m looking in the mirror – truly seeing the pride that has become a problem in all facets of my life and asking God to forgive me, give me a new heart of humility, to serve others before myself, to show Jesus to the people I’m surrounded by every day. I pray He shows me people I need to apologize to – for offending them – even unintentionally. I’m hoping He gives me opportunity to shine His light on others. Am I self-serving or others-serving? Because if I’m a leader, a co-worker, wife, mom, or “whatever” – I need to think “you”…not “me.”





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It’s a nasty thing. Pride keeps me from trying new things, meeting new people, and praying fresh prayers. I don’t want to look foolish or feel uncomfortable. I want people to think highly of me or more accurately, not find fault with me. So I try to be perfect. And fail miserably.

Within the last few years I’ve come to accept my shortcomings a little more. I know now that I’m missing out on fun adventures and amazing friendships. I’ve attempted to live a little bigger and give silliness a try once in a while. As I’ve grown older (and grayer), I’ve tried to see the world through new eyes. Instead of wasting time criticizing others’ looks and behavior, while trying to appear “exactly right,” I’m letting go of pride and embracing who God made me to be. Sometimes silly. Sometimes adventurous. Always less than perfect.


I still fail. Often.

I still struggle with pride every. single. day.

But I will not give up. Life is too short to give in to an issue that has no place in my life. Or yours. Let go of pride and pick up your dancing shoes.

“Pride leads to destruction.
    A proud attitude brings ruin.” Proverbs 16:18 (ICB)

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Pride. Spiritual pride. I have all the answers.
God wouldn’t approve of you because I don’t approve of you.
Pharisees of the 21st century.
Christians with preconceived ideas of how God loves, who God loves, what God loves.

I can’t imagine He would ever accept you as you are.
You must re-make yourself into my image before you’ll be allowed into our church country club.
You must learn our language – our dress – our customs & traditions.

I’m sure God wouldn’t like your tattoos.
You’ll need to get those removed. Or covered up. Definitely covered up.
I’m sure He doesn’t like the word “meditation.” Change your language.

You don’t attend a church? Well, you’ve got to do that.
You don’t read the Bible? I’ve read it all the way through…even Leviticus, and Ezekiel.
You don’t have a regular “quiet time?”
What do you mean, “What is a quiet time?”

No, you can’t worship God outside in nature. That’s too much like “new age” stuff.
No, you need to pray this way – my way – our church’s way.

No, we don’t like liturgy. We’re free to pray in our own words, these words.
Don’t read your prayer. That’s too much like having someone else tell you what to pray.
We’re all about freedom…

No, you can’t drink.
Or smoke.
Or swear.
Or dress like that.
Or listen to that music.
Or act like that.
Or hang with people like that.
No, you can’t do that.

Hey – Jesus loves you just the way you are.
I’m proud to be a Christian…
Not so much.

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I love the picture I’ve included in this blog. Sometimes I get caught with this feeling – mine, mine, mine. Like a toddler in a playroom. Every toy, every cracker, every blanket belongs to me. Or as an adult, every coupon I hold in my hand deserves to be honored (even if it’s the wrong store and expired – yes, it’s happened).

Day 13 – Giving up My Rights

Ever feel as though you deserve to be treated better…deserve to have your employer give you more money, better perks, snazzier title? I’m entitled to (fill in the blank). We’ve all thought it, even maybe said it. But it’s a lie.

The world doesn’t owe me anything.

The word “entitlement” means a condition of having a right to have, do or get something. Today I’m going to give up my feeling of entitlement – the feeling that I have a right to much of anything. My feelings of entitlement usually lead to pride and we all know what comes after pride…a major fall.

So I’ll listen to wise Paul, the apostle who wrote this to the church in Corinth: “Be careful, however, that the exercise of your rights does not become a stumbling block to the weak.”

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