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Day 7 – Giving Up Some Bad Words

I recently had a conversation with my brother and sister about a word we all find offensive…especially in a certain context. It’s demeaning, rude and mostly used to stereotype and categorize people in a negative way. The most offensive thing about this word? It is used by the very person who it is belittling. Yes – you and I use this word to put ourselves down or in a very tiny box. We can’t blame anyone else but ourselves. Oh – you want to know what the word is.


As in “I’m just a receptionist”…or “I’m just a mom”…or “I’m just a nursery worker.”

“Just” has a first-cousin word – “only” – which we also use frequently.

“I’ve only got a high school education.” “I’ve only been a Christian for a year.” “I only know how to bake cakes from a box mix.”


Some of us are so good at using these two words that we put them together as in…”I’ve only just learned how to (fill in the blank)”…or “I’m only just a (another blank).”

Side note: I could take a whole different blog for those of you who use these two words to back away from responsibility but not today. You’re welcome.

Let’s do ourselves a favor. In a world full of people more than willing to denigrate and disparage us in our jobs, our roles, our talents and skills, why not cut ourselves some slack. Let’s love ourselves and begin to use uplifting and encouraging language when we describe who we are. When you’re tempted to say “I’m just a mom,” remember that makes you a cook, maid, teacher, nurse, referee, chauffeur, security officer, handyman and personal assistant (and a hundred more titles). You may want to update your resume.

Just take a minute to re-wire your thinking about yourself. It isn’t about what you DO anyway. It’s about who you ARE. Look at yesterday’s blog if you need a reminder.

Just be yourself – only yourself. You are amazing. Just amazing.

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