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Golly, it’s so easy to get bent out of shape about stuff, isn’t it?

The line is too long at Walmart but you don’t want to use the self-check because those machines are just taking somebody’s job. Can you believe that mom with all those kids? Can’t she make them behave? I only have 3 items…how long will this take?

The traffic is crazy, people passing you right and left on the interstate, flying by at 80 mph…but really, lady, you have to go the speed limit? You’re holding up the rest of us. You know, it’s the ones going slow that cause the accidents.

Really? No coffee made again? I think I’ve made the last 5 pots of coffee and every time I come to get a cup, we’re out. Doesn’t anyone have some courtesy around here?

I hope you’ve noticed the sarcasm. What gets us bent sideways is usually whatever someone else is doing that irritates us. Someone going faster than we are? Evil. Someone going slower than us? Stupid. Someone didn’t fit into our box for “appropriate behavior?” Have you noticed that rarely do we see ourselves at fault…it’s always someone else. THEY did or didn’t do something I thought they should.

My Wednesday wisdom for you (and oh so much for me!) – take a chill pill. Take a breath – relax – try to see a bigger picture. God is in control. Try to see Him at work in your life’s circumstances. Long lines? Pray for the person in front of you or better yet, that poor cashier. Traffic crazy? Pray for safety for those on the road. Coffee not made? Be thankful you work in a place that provides free coffee. Rest in the knowledge that all of this is God’s plan to move you into who He wants you to be…stay mindful of His working in every detail of your life.

My own motto today:



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Are you resistant to change? Sometimes I am…sometimes I like it. It usually depends on what is being changed. Changing my clothes – good. Changing my sleep schedule – not so good. Being forced to change is where we usually resist. If we can choose what we change, then we seem more accepting. For instance, some women love to change their hair style or color. But if I told you what you HAD to have for a hair color (Purple? Let’s try it!), you may be a little more resistant.

Last year I spent a couple of months dedicated to thinking up ways to change things up in my routine. I visited places I had never been, tasted new flavors, challenged myself physically and mentally (which meant I was challenged emotionally too). And I loved it! Some of the changes I made were planned, which made them a little easier to accept. A couple of the changes were definitely not planned and they were much harder to deal with. But my mindset for change, which I purposely chose to buy into – that mindset which allowed the good and the bad, the planned and the unexpected – it pushed me beyond what I thought I could do.

I’m going to tackle this challenge again in April. It’s spring, the season of new beginnings. I’ve already thought of a couple of new changes I want to try. I’m using a little different criteria this time around. I’m specifically looking for changes which will challenge what I’ve always said about myself. So if I’ve said “I’ve never” or “I can’t” about something, that’s going on my list. Don’t worry – I’m not going to compromise my morality (in case you were fearful I’d end up on the 10 o’clock news) but there are plenty of things I’ve never attempted because I thought I couldn’t or shouldn’t. Like eating sushi, or learning to bake bread, or running a half-marathon. Of course, there are plenty of things I won’t be changing because some things just shouldn’t be done. Dark hose with white shoes and wearing yoga pants to work are some of the first things coming to mind.

Give me some ideas – what would you do to change things up for yourself in April? What have you always said you couldn’t or wouldn’t do? Make a list and then go for it!

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