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old friends

I spent today with some of my favorite people – some family, some soon-to-be family, and some might-as-well-be family.

I hope you have people like that in your life. Friends you may see only sporadically but can pick up right where you left off, no matter how long you’ve been apart. Friends who speak your same silly language…who “get you”…who love you in spite of your flaws and foibles. Friends who think like you, which, in my case, can be a very scary thing.

I have a friend who is a sister-of-my-heart. We spent all afternoon together and now I feel so refreshed. She radiates the love of Jesus, full of fun and creativity (she was my Flat Stanley co-conspirator today). We laughed and laughed and laughed – all day.

She speaks her mind, but listens with such a tender heart. She cherishes my kids and truly cares for their welfare, just as I do toward her beautiful daughter. Our husbands are best buds and enjoy just sitting together drinking coffee (or, sometimes frappes).

I’m planning to grow old with her because if I have to endure gray hair, chin hair and the effects of gravity on my aging body, I want to do it with someone who’ll see the humor and help us get through it together.

Her friendship means so much to me and I’m already planning exciting adventures with her very soon. What do you think – maybe some tubing on the Wapsi River this summer?

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Laughter cropped

It’s mid-February and it feels like winter will never end. I can feel my stress levels rising and my temper closer to the surface. It takes less to make me upset so I eat comfort food everyday, which means more stress every time I step on a scale. I’m spending more brain power thinking of ways to cope with no sun or warmth. I’m sick of sweaters and leggings and fuzzy socks and boots. I’m in serious need of a vacation and my bank account says, “not anytime soon, sister!” So I’ve hit upon a solution (at least until I can see the sun again)…

Laugh! I’m going to try to laugh every day. If the normal life situations don’t give me enough belly busters, then I’ll go looking for some. Joke books, movies, old TV shows – there’s a plethora of resources for giggles. And if the comedians who make their living making us laugh can’t get it done, I can always turn to the internet. Facebook is rife with stories (true or not) of people who’ve done some pretty dumb things – always good for a chuckle or two.

I can’t get outside to run because I’m afraid of ice and snow and falling. So I’ll go with this  Norman Cousins quote for now: “Hearty laughter is a good way to jog internally without having to go outdoors.” Wonder how much laughter it would take to offset a chocolate truffle?

Seriously (really? in a blog about laughing) – I know that laughter has more positive effects than just a quick dose of humor in my day. In an article from Health Guidance for Better Health, Mack LeMouse says “humor and  laughing are infectious and can bring people together and make them forget their troubles.” It’s one way to maintain a positive attitude and good health.

So if you’re feeling the winter blues today, pick up a joke book, or check out Netflix for comedies or search the internet for Red Skelton or Jimmy Fallon You Tube videos. Boost your mental health with a good belly laugh today.




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Existing = breathing, eating, sleeping, drinking water. Operating with a bare minimum of effort in order to keep yourself from death.


Living = All of the above on steroids PLUS:

Embracing life head on.

Choosing risk and change over ruts and routine.

Giving more than taking.

Trusting your heart to someone.

Risking more than playing safe.

Running forward more than stepping back.

Changing more than being complacent.

Knowing you are only one breath from death so committing to breathe deeply.

Loving people and using things, not the other way around.

Courage in place of fear.

Listening at least twice as much as speaking.

Authenticity, not fake “How are you’s”.

Thanksgiving in a world of complaints and whining.

Forgiving over harboring hurts and grudges.

Allowing love over suffering indifference.

Laughter over silence.

Dancing over standing still.

Learning something new each day – and then passing it on to someone else.

Lifting your face into the wind, accepting with laughter and enthusiasm all that life throws your way.


Too many people only exist. How sad.

Seize life!

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