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2019_selfie_siblingsThe greatest gift I received from my mom and dad was not my outward appearance, my good genes, or any present wrapped up with a bow. The best gift passed down to me and my siblings was a sense of humor. And I pray I passed that gift on to my children.

What is life without laughter? Without fun? Boring.

I love to laugh. I love to listen to others laugh. There is nothing as uplifting as a child’s giggles. I can’t help but smile when I hear an awful “dad joke.” Well, sometimes I groan too, but usually with a smile attached. I loved hearing my kids learning to tell jokes. You know those first few made no sense (except to them), but it was fun to watch them develop their own senses of humor. And to this day, no one can make me laugh like my kids. No one.

I am kind of picky about what types of humor I allow myself to engage in. I will not make fun of other people, or put up with listening to it from anyone else. I’m not a huge “slap stick comedy” lover, though my husband is a big fan. I don’t drink wine, but I do enjoy a nice dry sense of humor.

As I begin my journey into my sixties, I’m determined that I will not lose that sense of humor. I don’t want to get old inside, even if I can’t always control how old I look on the outside. I want to enjoy life even more now, than I did when I was younger. I want to laugh at jokes, tell hilarious puns at family dinners, make silly faces at children, keep others laughing with me.

The world we live in is in a precarious state. The news is dire every night. The future is uncertain and grim. But I can’t control those things. What I can control is my own environment, my own attitude – and I choose laughter and joy. I will smile at friends and strangers. I will spread the love of Jesus wherever I go. I will laugh at dad jokes.


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Laughter cropped

It’s mid-February and it feels like winter will never end. I can feel my stress levels rising and my temper closer to the surface. It takes less to make me upset so I eat comfort food everyday, which means more stress every time I step on a scale. I’m spending more brain power thinking of ways to cope with no sun or warmth. I’m sick of sweaters and leggings and fuzzy socks and boots. I’m in serious need of a vacation and my bank account says, “not anytime soon, sister!” So I’ve hit upon a solution (at least until I can see the sun again)…

Laugh! I’m going to try to laugh every day. If the normal life situations don’t give me enough belly busters, then I’ll go looking for some. Joke books, movies, old TV shows – there’s a plethora of resources for giggles. And if the comedians who make their living making us laugh can’t get it done, I can always turn to the internet. Facebook is rife with stories (true or not) of people who’ve done some pretty dumb things – always good for a chuckle or two.

I can’t get outside to run because I’m afraid of ice and snow and falling. So I’ll go with this  Norman Cousins quote for now: “Hearty laughter is a good way to jog internally without having to go outdoors.” Wonder how much laughter it would take to offset a chocolate truffle?

Seriously (really? in a blog about laughing) – I know that laughter has more positive effects than just a quick dose of humor in my day. In an article from Health Guidance for Better Health, Mack LeMouse says “humor and  laughing are infectious and can bring people together and make them forget their troubles.” It’s one way to maintain a positive attitude and good health.

So if you’re feeling the winter blues today, pick up a joke book, or check out Netflix for comedies or search the internet for Red Skelton or Jimmy Fallon You Tube videos. Boost your mental health with a good belly laugh today.




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Today has been a glorious day! After what has seemed like a never ending winter, spring appears to be in sight. With temps in the 40s and 50s, it was wonderful to be able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Even with melting snow and slush covering sidewalks and streets, I couldn’t wait to get on a trail and get out for a run. While doing a few walking/running intervals I realized I had a perfect analogy for today’s “giving up for Lent” blog.

Sometimes I get in a routine and don’t really pay attention to what is going on around me. I’m going through the motions but not truly investing myself in the experience. It’s like running on a treadmill versus running outside on a trail. The treadmill gets the job done – you’re doing what you need to do – but it gets boring. Unless you’re moving the treadmill every morning, you’re looking at the same wall each time. Maybe you have a fancy one and you can program it for hills and valleys. Maybe you can watch TV or read a book while you’re running. I don’t think it matters. You aren’t fully invested in the total experience that running can give you.

No matter how many bells and whistles, your treadmill cannot give you what a good outdoor run can. You cannot imitate the sounds of the cardinals in the trees, the sight of deer and bunnies along the trail, the apprehension each time you jump over puddles, the smiles you give and receive to fellow runners or dog walkers. There’s no way to duplicate the sunshine reflecting off the melting snow or the feeling of damp, cold air on your face.


Let’s shake off the winter doldrums and become fully invested in spring. No more going through the motions of living. Instead, decide to be fully present in the moment.

Give the people near you your complete attention.

Listen to their stories.

Laugh at their jokes.

Smile at each person you encounter today.

Notice things.

Study something new.

Observe nature.

Take an adventure.

Discover treasures.

Live big!

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