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Is it possible to be exhausted and energized at the same time?

I had a busy, but so satisfying Saturday. My morning was spent with ten friends. We ate brunch, laughed, chatted, drank coffee (I was good – drank my herbal tea), encouraged one another and made cards to give to someone who may need a little spark of joy.

I also caught up with a long time friend I hadn’t seen for quite some time. Of course I’ve seen her Facebook posts but I mean really seeing, really connecting. Face to face. I’m sorry but no technology, no emoji, can replace a flesh and blood hug. It felt so good to listen to her stories about her son, her family. It made my heart glad.

This afternoon I met up with another wonderful friend. That hug was so great. She’s recently come through a tremendous health battle and is making a slow but steady recovery. I loved listening to her stories – some humorous (because she always finds something to laugh about), some humbling, most uplifting – of God’s faithfulness, His steady presence beside her – her honest confession that this journey is difficult. My tea got cold as we took turns connecting over our life stories.

Late this afternoon Don and I visited one of “my girls” recovering from pneumonia in the hospital. She was sleeping (thankfully for her) so we caught up on her health adventure of the last few days with her parents. Our own experience with our son’s pneumonia at much the same age gave us some insight into what they were going through. Scared but trying to be strong and calm for their daughter. Trusting doctors but still praying desperately for lungs to open and sleep to come. So glad we could connect and pray in that hospital hallway. And just heard they were able to go home tonight.

Connections. It takes your time, your effort, your willingness to set aside the routine to meet with someone face to face. There is no substitute. So I’m exhausted but energized by the human connections I made today. I can still feel the love conveyed through those hugs. ❤️❤️

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