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This is going to be a great summer! I’ve set some lofty goals, anticipating some pretty awesome results and all while enjoying my husband, my family and my friends. But it won’t be easy…because what’s the fun in that?

First, I’m joining with a long time girlfriend as we, once again, take control of ourselves and lose some extra poundage. We’ll be each other’s best cheerleader, motivator, inspiration and coach – all rolled into one dynamic package…actually two dynamic packages, I guess.It’s so easy to get off the path of healthy choices and slip down the slope into JunkFood Jungle. “But it tastes so good!” Yes, it does, but that momentary pleasure usually gives way a short time later to guilt, shame and condemnation – the Three Ugly Stepsisters. No thank you!

Bible_blogpostWe’re going to go through Donna Partow‘s “Becoming the Woman I Want to Be,” the book I used three years ago to get started on my 30-pound weight loss. Great time to crack it open again and get back on track… This isn’t solely about physical changes, but discovering a plan to renew myself spiritually and emotionally as well. Of course, today was the day my office served Panera for lunch and dropped a 25-box of chocolate cookies in the lunchroom. Great way to get started – No! No! No! I’m so weak – but so far, so good.

Another goal is getting back into the Word, regularly. I don’t know why this is a struggle for me, but I’m being vulnerable here…I love God’s Word but I can be easily distracted by louder, yet less important, things. So this summer – the Bible is the first thing I’ll read – even if it’s not until my lunch break.

I’m scheduled to backpack the Sierras with my older brother in early September so another goal is to get in hiking shape…which, I suspicion, is quite different from sidewalks-through-downtown-Cedar-Rapids walking. I’ve borrowed a couple of library books, researched hiking boots and proper backpacks, priced flights to Sacramento and prayed for wisdom on how to record this whole amazing journey without electronic gadgets.

Lastly, I’m going to attempt to blog throughout the summer – at least on Mondays and maybe more. You’ve been warned. You may want to set your own goal of getting off social media for a short time, or cutting back on unhealthy food choices, or spending more time playing (as opposed to working), or doing something you’ve put off because you never found the time to “git-r done.” Now’s the time – time to kickstart your summer.

This is going to be fun!

P.S. The following is one of many verses I meditate on as I train my spirit, soul and body to say “no” to temptation:

“Let your eyes look straight ahead,
Fix your gaze directly before you.
Make level paths for your feet
And take only ways that are firm.
Do not swerve to the right or the left;
Keep your foot from evil.”
Proverbs 4:25-27


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kids-comparing-heightThrough the years, I’ve compared myself to women who I thought were better wives, better mothers, better speakers, more beautiful, thinner, and more accomplished. But I kind of grew out of that phase a few years ago.

Now I find that I compare myself to my own expectations of who I should be by now. As I get older, and the number of years behind me are more numerous than the ones ahead of me, I’m a little disappointed that I haven’t reached the goals I subconsciously set for myself back in my 20s.

Sports broadcaster – no…

World traveler – no…

Big name speaker – no…

Author – no…

Fitness model – well, I never really aimed for that one.

Yes, I get caught in the comparison trap every once in a while. But, then I remember I’m only supposed to be who God wants me to be – He has my future and my hope secure. I can only achieve, and only want to achieve, what’s best for me through His grace and strength. When I look in the mirror I see the woman of God who desires His best and seeks His face and walks intimately with the Lover of my soul. So I’m done with comparing (for today anyway).

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Ditch the fear sign

Day 40:

Last year I was privileged to participate in a very interactive workshop with the intention of discovering more about who I am, how I show up and what motivates me. The purpose was to help me decide to live an epic life…a life which impacts others. I can’t do that if I’m not being the best ME I can be. So I live intentionally. I make deliberate decisions to do things I’ve never done, go places I’ve never gone. That also means I’ve needed to confront a few faulty mindsets which had set up shop in my brain. In this “last” blog, I’ll share a few that have been most impactful to me in the last year.

“I have to figure it out first.”

Have you have said this? Doesn’t matter if you’ve spoken the words, the mindset might still be entrenched within you. I am a naturally cautious and careful planner. That seems like a pretty good trait, right? Not when it’s taken to an extreme. I was so careful that I missed out on the fun and laughter of being spontaneous. Do you plan the fun right of everything? Don’t you want to jump headfirst into an unplanned day sometimes? Go for it. Kick that mindset right out!

“If I try, I will fail.”

This one is the safe choice. I often chose safety over getting outside my comfort zone. Choosing to take back my health was my epiphany…baby steps forward helped me to be successful. But it all happened because I chose to try. Failure will happen. It happens to everyone. But it’s not the end. It’s just a wall. I got past it. You will too.

“It won’t matter anyway.”

I’m a natural optimist but sometimes I struggle to overcome this one. Defeatist attitudes are so easy to buy into. We don’t see the success we want. We work hard and see no difference. We diet or work out and see no weight loss. We spend hours teaching our kids to clean up after themselves, and still end the day setting the house in order, just so they can destroy it the next day. But life choices do matter. You matter! Each small decision we make to grow up, move forward, change destructive mindsets will matter. When I started recognizing those mindsets and chose to do different, then I noticed changes in my behavior almost immediately.

An epic life involves a day-to-day, step-by-step process. Here are a few choices I’ve made to change how I show up in life

Have fun

Choose “all in” participation – don’t hold back!

Take risks – choose the path least taken!

Minimize distractions! 

Get uncomfortable!

Don’t settle!

“Then, she began to breathe, and live, and every moment took her to a place where goodbyes were hard to come by. She was in love, but not in love with someone or something. She was in love with her life. And for the first time, in a long time, everything was inspiring.” (R.M. Drake)

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Ever had one of those days? You know what I mean – When you feel forgotten and alone? When you can’t seem to get anything right? When your dreams look as far away as ever? Yeah. Me too. Let’s give up.

When I first started running last spring I had a lot of ‘Let’s give up’ moments. Pretty minor in the whole big picture of life, but I knew it was a small test I wanted to pass. I wasn’t going to give up on my goals even though it was difficult. My parents, especially my dad, always told me I could do whatever I put my mind to. I’m not sure that is always true but his affirmation of me helped shaped my mindset about what I can and cannot accomplish. As parents, my husband and I have always tried to instill a “don’t give up” mentality in our boys. When we signed up for a sport, we made them stick it out, even if they didn’t like it. And not just because “we paid for it, you’ll do it.” It’s important to develop perseverance – a character trait sometimes lacking in our culture today.

I came across a lot of quotes about giving up. Here’s a small sampling:

“You cry and you scream and you stomp your feet and you shout. You say, ‘You know what? I’m giving up, I don’t care.’ And then you go to bed and you wake up and it’s a brand new day, and you pick yourself back up again.” Nicole Scherzinger

“A winner is just a loser who tried one more time.” George M. Moore Jr. Member of US House of Representatives

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb

“Fall seven times and stand up eight.” Japanese proverb

“Each mistake teaches you something new about yourself. There is no failure, remember, except in no longer trying. It is the courage to continue that counts.” Chris Bradford, “The Way of the Sword”

Winston Churchill gave a commencement speech at his alma mater, Harrow School, in October 1941. Great Britain was embroiled in war with Germany. The British people were facing shortages of food, munitions and oil. The war was escalating and people were growing frightened of the uncertainty their nation faced. As Prime Minister, Churchill had attempted to negotiate with other world leaders, but without much success. The most memorable portion of this speech has been immortalized, but I would recommend reading the whole thing at some point in your life.


Of course, the best example of never giving up was Jesus. He faced what he knew would be an agonizing death by crucifixion, betrayed by someone he had lived with for three years, left alone to face these trials without his friends, seemingly cast aside by his Father God. Yet he didn’t give up. Though he had legions of angels at his command, he didn’t give up. Why? Because he loved me. If it had been only me, Jesus would still have gone to the cross. Just for me. And you.

Don’t give up. God hasn’t given up on you.

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