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envy ice cream

Envy – the green-eyed monster. What’s the big deal? Being envious of someone doesn’t really hurt anyone, right? Well, actually it does. It hurts you. It stunts your spiritual and emotional growth. Always wanting what you don’t or can’t have can lead to a lot of problems.

Think about something or someone you’ve been envious of. Maybe you’re envious of that new engagement ring your best friend is showing off…maybe you’re envious of the “We’re expecting a baby!” couple…how about that new big house so-and-so is moving into next week…or the promotion your co-worker just got. Why is it so easy to be envious?

It’s our nature to want something we can’t have…goes all the way back to Cain and Abel. Abel received God’s favor, Cain didn’t. In this case, Cain was so envious, so angry, he killed his brother and hid the crime. Saul was envious of David and the adulation David received from the Israelites. Peter was envious of Jesus’ statement regarding John. I’m sure you can think of more examples.

Envy is only the first step down the path toward greater and greater darkness. If it’s not checked or confronted in your life, it can lead to bitterness, offense, anger, or in some cases, violence.

I’ve learned to reexamine my desires when I find myself feeling envy. According to 1 Cor. 13, love is not envious. So the solution to my envy problem is love…unconditionally loving those I feel have what I need or want…loving my life just the way it is…loving God for the favor and blessings He has granted me. Learning to let go of the envy and embracing the life I have, grateful for every little piece of it.

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