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If you don’t like eggs, you may as well stop reading right now, because this post is all about my recent egg-knowledgement of the egg-straordinary egg! (And if you don’t like puns, it’s too late – you’ve already been egged!)

A few years ago, when I started making better lifestyle choices, I added eggs to my breakfast routine. I needed to add more veggies to my diet, so I began sauteing zucchini, onion, broccoli, and red pepper in a little olive oil every morning. When they were soft (about 3 minutes or so), I added two eggs that I had stirred up in a bowl (with about a tablespoon of water and a dash of salt & pepper). I cooked these scrambled eggs with veggies almost every morning for a couple of months, and I never tired of it. But it takes a little extra time and eventually I switched over to oatmeal or fruit and yogurt every morning.


This week I made the switch back – only in a more time-friendly manner. I discovered Eggs in a Mug. So easy, so delicious. Three minutes from start to finish. Now I can workout or run before breakfast and not feel rushed when getting ready for work. Egg-cellent decision!

The benefits of eating eggs is well-documented. Full of protein, inexpensive, low-cal…no carbs, no sugar…good source of many vitamins and minerals, including omega-3 fats (you know – the good fat). I find that I stay full longer when I have eggs for breakfast. So my low-calorie first meal also means no high calorie snacking by mid-morning.

We’re going to start purchasing pasture-raised eggs. My friend says his hens lay about five dozen a day so I feel as though I’m helping those ladies out by buying up their produce. And it gives my friend a little cash and I’m getting better eggs. Another eggs-tremely wise decision…


With Easter only a few weeks away, many of us will have a plethora of decorated, hard-boiled eggs that will need to be used somehow. (This is not the time or place to debate the good or evil meanings of Easter eggs). Of course, the very basic, but delicious deviled egg is always a favorite (and lots of ways to change it up using different mustards, or adding smoked salmon or crab – yum). My mom always put hard-boiled eggs in her potato salad. I love egg salad sandwiches – and once again, if you change up the plain mayonnaise to mayo or plain Greek yogurt mixed with chipotle, or jalapeno, or hot sauce, you’ll get a different twist on a classic taste.

Enough already – be an egghead and choose eggs as a healthy alternative to cereal for breakfast, a delicious appetizer or main dish any day of the week.

For making it all the way through this eggciting and sometimes eggravating blog post, you’ll love this website – enjoy the yolks, my friends.







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