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The original intention for this blog was to encourage you to wear more color. The drab days of winter are over and with the arrival of spring, I thought it’s about time we began wearing greens and yellows and reds and blues…just to liven things up a bit. But while doing a few Google searches, I found that my little title “Color My World” brought some interesting websites to my attention.

There were websites about harp music, humanitarian efforts, and video games. I found a set of 13 individual stamps, a multi-stone engagement ring and heat transfer papers – all entitled “Color My World.” But a couple of entries stood out…namely:

Colour My World” is the name of a song by the 1970s pop group “Chicago.” For someone who grew up in the 70s, it was a little flashback to my high school days. And the lyrics, though catchy, were not exactly cerebral.

“As time goes on, I realize just what you mean to me. And now, now that you’re near, promise your love that I’ve waited to share…and dreams of our moments together. Color my world with hope of loving you.” 

If you’re looking for depth in lyrics, may want to pass on that one.


Number two – color wheels are pretty. Found a lot of images of color wheels. My graphic design sister tried to tell me how one worked once…I was hopeless. That’s why my walls are plain and I wear a lot of black. But I did find a site that talked about the meaning of different colors. It was fascinating. It made me want to wear red (the color of power, strength and passion) except the St. Louis Cardinals are red and I’m a Cubs fan so I’ll go with Cubbie blue (loyalty, depth, stability and wisdom).

crayons  Lastly – I found a wonderful little website telling about a project to provide art supplies and opportunities to youth in the United States and around the world. The Color My World Project collects discarded crayons from restaurants and donates them to schools, childcare centers, orphanages, etc. And not only do they donate the crayons, the distribution team stays and colors with the kids, teaching about recycling and reducing waste.

So add a little color to your life today. Wear some green on Thursday, and not just for St. Paddy’s Day – green also means growth, harmony and freshness. Happy Spring!

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