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It’s not the big crisis that floors me, it’s those little nagging issues that set me back. For instance, a number of years ago God brought us through a very trying and stressful time where we absolutely depended on the goodness and favor of God for our daily bread. And not just bread, but gas, clothes, credit card bills, toiletries, medications…you get it. He provided everything we needed. We were never late with a payment, never went hungry, never appeared destitute.

I depended on a continual stream of prayer – talking and listening to God – all day, every day – to get me through that time. Some days He was quieter than others. Sometimes I prayed: “God, just give us a sign today that You’re there.” And He always did. Every . Time.

So today – when we are facing a much lesser issue (water in our basement) – why do I stew and fret and stress? Somehow I think I don’t need to bother God with this “little stuff.” We’ve called our wonderful handyman friend. We can rent a carpet vacuum for the clean water. We can do a lot in our own strength.

Praise_the_Lord (1)But He cares about every little detail. Every little “small stuff” in my life – and yours too. An earlier blog details how He loves to answer prayers that reveal His love for us. So – when I finish this – I’ll be praying for the water to stop seeping in, for the window repairs to be minor and easy to fix, for the sun to come out and dry out all the wetness everywhere.

Maybe you’re facing a little thing today – something you can “handle” on your own, but it’s causing some anxiety anyway. Can anyone say “taxes” or “rising flood waters” or “crazy schedule?” Whatever is causing you to stress is taking your mind off your Father God who desires to help you through whatever you are facing today. Praise Him and ask for help. He’s ready and willing.

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Golly, it’s so easy to get bent out of shape about stuff, isn’t it?

The line is too long at Walmart but you don’t want to use the self-check because those machines are just taking somebody’s job. Can you believe that mom with all those kids? Can’t she make them behave? I only have 3 items…how long will this take?

The traffic is crazy, people passing you right and left on the interstate, flying by at 80 mph…but really, lady, you have to go the speed limit? You’re holding up the rest of us. You know, it’s the ones going slow that cause the accidents.

Really? No coffee made again? I think I’ve made the last 5 pots of coffee and every time I come to get a cup, we’re out. Doesn’t anyone have some courtesy around here?

I hope you’ve noticed the sarcasm. What gets us bent sideways is usually whatever someone else is doing that irritates us. Someone going faster than we are? Evil. Someone going slower than us? Stupid. Someone didn’t fit into our box for “appropriate behavior?” Have you noticed that rarely do we see ourselves at fault…it’s always someone else. THEY did or didn’t do something I thought they should.

My Wednesday wisdom for you (and oh so much for me!) – take a chill pill. Take a breath – relax – try to see a bigger picture. God is in control. Try to see Him at work in your life’s circumstances. Long lines? Pray for the person in front of you or better yet, that poor cashier. Traffic crazy? Pray for safety for those on the road. Coffee not made? Be thankful you work in a place that provides free coffee. Rest in the knowledge that all of this is God’s plan to move you into who He wants you to be…stay mindful of His working in every detail of your life.

My own motto today:



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Are you afraid of anything?

Yellow-necked Mouse (Apodemus flavicollis) juvenileMost people have at least one thing they fear –mice (me), snakes (me, again), spiders, clowns, small places, heights, flying, needles, and even balloons. In fact, the phobia list is extensive – from Ablutophobia (the fear of washing or bathing) to Zoophobia (the fear of animals). The Top 100 Phobia List includes all of the above plus fear of public speaking, fear of crowds, fear of zombies (really?) and of course, the fear of fear. There is even a phobia called Theophobia, or the irrational and persistent fear of God.

For someone who suffers with a phobia, there is no logic, no talking them out of it, no advice to “get over it.” The fear is very real. I’ve read that phobias are the mind’s way of protecting itself. Somewhere along your timeline of experiences, something triggered an emotional link to a bad situation.I can certainly attest to this with my irrational fear of little ,cuddly, cute rodents. I know it’s illogical. I know I’m way bigger. And I know that “they are more scared of you than you are of them.” Doesn’t help.

Some people have allowed these fears to overwhelm them to the point of avoiding life and any situation that may put them in a fearful circumstance. Fear of flying means only taking ground transportation. Fear of clowns means no circuses or carnivals. Fear of zombies? Not sure how that one plays out in real life – since zombies aren’t real, but you get my drift. Fear of mice means I avoid any area where I know mice are located…and run like crazy or jump on the nearest piece of somewhat sturdy furniture whenever I encounter the little buggers. My family loves to tell the story of the time I jumped up onto a chair and left my baby boy on the floor when a mouse zipped by.  I think the tale (or is it tail?) has been embellished somewhat from the reality of the situation, but they like to laugh about it and David seems to be okay, so no harm done. Except the guilt I now have for abandoning my baby because I’m terrified of mice.

There is help to be had – if you’re willing to be vulnerable and ask for it. I’ve experienced it in other areas of my life…now I just have to tackle the mouse problem. Of course, God can heal you of your fear but since it is wrapped up in past experiences and emotions, He has provided a method of clearing this trauma and a group of people who are currently traveling around the US and internationally, teaching this method so fear no longer has a grip upon us. Wind and Fire Ministries has a division called WFM Peace Clinic, a workshop based training designed to help clear post-traumatic stress, panic, fear, anxiety, anger, running away, nightmares, addictions, coping habits, phobias, weight gain, pain storage, lack of concentration, and more. Ummm…that’s a lot of fear. Originally designed to help restore the victims of human trafficking, this workshop has proven to give assistance to anyone who deals with victims of fear and phobias. If you have fear yourself, or deal with others who do, this is an opportunity to be free and embrace peace.


(Part 2 – another face – fear of man…)



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