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Last year I took the month of July to stretch myself a bit. I decided to do a “new thing” every day. Some of those new things were pretty trivial, like choosing a different route to run or take to work. But I also threw in a few things I’ve always wanted to do and never had, like visiting the local art museum, trying out the Cuban restaurant downtown and getting my first pedicure.

Some of the new things were fun, like getting a new haircut and style. Some of the new things were necessary but not particularly enjoyable, like my first ever colonoscopy. You laugh but there were lots and lots of new experiences rolled up into that one!

There was one new thing that I hated. I lost a very good friend to cancer. That one I had no choice about but going through the process with my friend’s family was definitely outside of any comfort zone I thought I had. However I don’t want to experience it again.

Some of my first things have turned into habits. I first gave blood back in November and now I give every 8 weeks. That new haircut back in July has become my go-to cut now. I promised myself to run a 5K in 2014 and I ran three of them, with two more scheduled already this year.

Tomorrow begins April, the traditional first real month of spring. We’ll see some green grass, finally, and maybe a few flowers and budding trees soon. As spring is the season for new beginnings, I thought I’d try another stab at a “New Things Month.” This time I’m choosing to try experiences which I’ve said “I can’t” or “I’ve never” or “I would never” do. I could really stretch the limits with this one so I’m clarifying that I will stay within my own moral boundaries as well as any legal limitations. I don’t want to experience the inside of a jail cell for the first time.

My list includes a few fun things, like trying out sushi for the first time and eating at a Thai restaurant. I keep putting that one on my list but I never get it done. I definitely will in April 2015! I’m also going to encourage my husband to join me in a Meatless Monday, going vegetarian for the four Mondays in April. Since I really, really like meat, I may need to get pretty creative on those days.

There are some classes I’d like to attempt: learning to bake bread from scratch, taking some sort of art class, and Zumba…definitely going to try Zumba. Probably in the safety of my own basement with a DVD. There will be no videos posted on Facebook.

Someone said I should try sky diving. It fits my categories (I can’t, I’ve never, I would never) but it’s really expensive so I think I’ll pass this time. But it may go on my “someday in my lifetime” list. Who knows? I went up in a hot air balloon last fall and I certainly never thought I’d ever get to do that.

What things have you said “no” to? Where can you stretch yourself this month? Add a little adventure to your life. Push past your self-imposed restrictions and live life a little more dangerously. Anyone want to join me in getting my eyebrows waxed?

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Today has been a glorious day! After what has seemed like a never ending winter, spring appears to be in sight. With temps in the 40s and 50s, it was wonderful to be able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Even with melting snow and slush covering sidewalks and streets, I couldn’t wait to get on a trail and get out for a run. While doing a few walking/running intervals I realized I had a perfect analogy for today’s “giving up for Lent” blog.

Sometimes I get in a routine and don’t really pay attention to what is going on around me. I’m going through the motions but not truly investing myself in the experience. It’s like running on a treadmill versus running outside on a trail. The treadmill gets the job done – you’re doing what you need to do – but it gets boring. Unless you’re moving the treadmill every morning, you’re looking at the same wall each time. Maybe you have a fancy one and you can program it for hills and valleys. Maybe you can watch TV or read a book while you’re running. I don’t think it matters. You aren’t fully invested in the total experience that running can give you.

No matter how many bells and whistles, your treadmill cannot give you what a good outdoor run can. You cannot imitate the sounds of the cardinals in the trees, the sight of deer and bunnies along the trail, the apprehension each time you jump over puddles, the smiles you give and receive to fellow runners or dog walkers. There’s no way to duplicate the sunshine reflecting off the melting snow or the feeling of damp, cold air on your face.


Let’s shake off the winter doldrums and become fully invested in spring. No more going through the motions of living. Instead, decide to be fully present in the moment.

Give the people near you your complete attention.

Listen to their stories.

Laugh at their jokes.

Smile at each person you encounter today.

Notice things.

Study something new.

Observe nature.

Take an adventure.

Discover treasures.

Live big!

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I was recently asked to be the speaker at an upcoming homeschooling moms’ getaway. Truly humbled and honored, I’ve been attempting to come up with a bio the organizers could use for their brochure. Something short and pithy – humorous but elaborate. Something that would make someone want to come hear me. I got nothing.

Then I decided to try some free writing – not worrying about length or breadth or scope or humor or grammar and punctuation. It’s way too long for their purposes but hey – that’s what blogging is for, right? To give anybody an opportunity to write, knowing it probably won’t be read anyway.

Kris McGarvey – Who Am I?

I’m a former homeschooling mom and currently helping my husband as the president of WFM Missions Base in Robins.

I love trying new restaurants, reading stuff, experimenting with new tastes & recipes, learning how to run, walking for great coffee, setting new goals and then pushing past my self-imposed limitations, endeavoring to avoid saying “I can’t” until I’ve at least tried, travelling outside my comfortability (and making up words that my spell-checker doesn’t appreciate…like comfortability).

I’m loving the journey, embracing my own adventures, not particularly a lover of danger but thrilled with discovering the hidden treasures of life like small consignment stores, coffee shops and people’s stories.

I’m an amateur writer but a professional list-maker. I love shoes and the color purple (not the book, never read it). I say I’m silver-haired (because grey-haired sounds too old). I’m a novice runner but an elite chocolate and coffee consumer. I love lots of genres of music (and I really like the word “genre”) – hymns, worship, jazz, folk, singer-songwriter stuff and catchy pop tunes like “Happy.” I’ve never seen the movie “Frozen” and don’t know any of the lyrics to “Let It Go” and I’m okay with that. I enjoy a good guitar or piano solo but I’m learning the nuances of a really great drummer. I love the band NEEDTOBREATHE and don’t mind it when people call me a “groupie.” My kids don’t because I take them to concerts with me. They are not dumb.

I’ve embraced social media for the platform it gives me to stay connected to family and friends around the world and to encourage those who need someone on their side, someone who can say with confidence – “Trust Him – this too shall pass.”

I’m a sports junkie. If it gets played with a ball, I probably like it. Even curling and it’s played with a rock. I watch golf tournaments on TV with my family like others do the Super Bowl (snacks and everything). Though my 3 guys and I split up our loyalties to cheer for different teams (Hawks, Illini, Cubs, Cardinals, Rams, Falcons, Bears, Lakers, Nets, Bulls) – we do agree on one thing – we think Zach Johnson is awesome. I do live to see the Cubs in the World Series, so I may be immortal, not sure.

I love superheroes…they really exist and I’m pretty sure I’m married to one. I try to be a good sidekick to my phenomenally intelligent husband and I appreciate that he keeps me around to take care of those mundane things like computers, phones, taxes, and cleaning the bathroom (though I’m not very good with that last one).

I’m privileged to have birthed two sons – both of which are so much like their parents that they scare me, and yet so different from each other. They each amaze me with their maturity, wisdom, sense of humor and discernment, despite their upbringing. They are gifted with creativity, although it usually plays out in different areas. They both love fiercely and I’m proud to be on the receiving end of it.

I’m not perfect and I’m not trying to be. I’ve decided that life is too much fun and there’s just so much to do, that I can’t allow others’ expectations to rob me of my joy in discovery.

Most of all, I’m a lover of Jesus. He gives me life and breath and joy and unconditional love and grace and mercy. He picks me up when circumstances pull me under. He laughs with me and listens to me and holds me. He dries my tears and grins at my attempts at humor. He whispers to me in the night and shows me great and mighty things. He says he’ll be with me through anything, so I know I can be brave and try, because I won’t be alone. He tells me to “dream big” and then takes me outside my comfortability and shows me the stars in an endless sky. Most of the time He just blows me away.

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