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One word. For the last few years I’ve tried to select one word to focus on for the year. In 2016, it was “family” and it was a year filled with intentional effort to put family first. I saw my nephew play basketball and my niece play softball. I attended another niece’s wedding and saw my own son marry the love of his life. I proudly watched my younger son graduate from college and then spent many fall Saturdays working alongside him at Iowa State football games. I traveled to California to spend a dream vacation with my brother & sister-in-law as they shared their national park passion with me. My family year was an amazing success.

Last year my word was “intentional” and though it’s a great word, I don’t have specifics on how it made my year extraordinary. But I know it did because I focused on being intentional in how I spent my time, who I gave attention to and where I put my energies. I loved this word so much that I’ve transitioned it into 2018.

This year’s word is “choices.” Everyday I’m faced with choices – who, what, when, where, why, how? I can choose to stay fixed right where I am or I can choose to grow and change and respond with love and kindness and grace.

I’m choosing to cut back on activities that are energy drainers and put more positive energy into relationships and activities that bring growth in me and in others. Choices bombard all of us, every moment of every day. By thinking of where I’ll spend most of my energy, I can be better prepared for the last minute, “have to” choices that tend to suck me dry.

I’m not perfect and I’ll make mistakes but I’m looking forward to a year of choosing kindness (over animosity), generosity (over selfishness), grace-filled truth (over gossip), and courage in the face of fear. I’ve always been a “glass half full” girl but now it’s time to listen to those who don’t think like me because optimist or pessimist or realist, none of us have all the answers.

So pick a word for yourself. Have fun. Spend the year you’ve been given to be all God created you to be. Open up to new and different and defining. It’s your choice.

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