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I love going for a run when I’m in a different city. There is something about the change of scenery and routine but I can’t wait to get out and explore. This morning was no different. I dropped Don off so he could teach Old Testament for four hours (his happy place) and I consulted my new All Trails app to find a close place to hit the road. I did not realize how much the Holy Spirit would teach me in the next 90 minutes. 

  • It’s about perseverance, not speed. 

We each have our own path to walk. None of us know how long or winding or narrow or steep or difficult our trail will be. We each need to train for the long haul. Rarely is our race a sprint. Most of the time it’s a triathlon with some mountains, oceans and valleys thrown in. The prize doesn’t go to the fastest but to all of us who finish. Run your own race, not your neighbor’s. 

  • Obey the obvious signs

The signs along your path aren’t meant to spoil your fun but to warn you of an upcoming change or to save you from a crash. Don’t ignore what you know is right just to be different or cool. 

  • Know your enemy

Not everything along the path you’re on is for your good. Your enemy would love to get you off track or harm you so you are not as effective as you are designed to be. Be smart. Know who you’re fighting against. Recognize the signs of danger and avoid stupid stuff. 

  • Take the time to rest and appreciate where you are

Your path will take you many places. Learn to appreciate each one. Look for beauty everywhere. Be grateful for wildflowers amongst the poison ivy. 

  • Remain vigilant

No matter how groomed your trail, there are occasional stops designed to trip you up. Sometimes those we think are towers of strength have shallow roots which, if you aren’t careful, will cause you to stumble. Be watchful. Trust the Holy Spirit who will always guide you. He’s the One who’s marking your path. The more you know Him, the more you’ll enjoy your run. 

That’s all for now. There was so much more but I’ll save it for another day. 

Keep going. Never quit.  We’re all in this race together. 

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