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kids-comparing-heightThrough the years, I’ve compared myself to women who I thought were better wives, better mothers, better speakers, more beautiful, thinner, and more accomplished. But I kind of grew out of that phase a few years ago.

Now I find that I compare myself to my own expectations of who I should be by now. As I get older, and the number of years behind me are more numerous than the ones ahead of me, I’m a little disappointed that I haven’t reached the goals I subconsciously set for myself back in my 20s.

Sports broadcaster – no…

World traveler – no…

Big name speaker – no…

Author – no…

Fitness model – well, I never really aimed for that one.

Yes, I get caught in the comparison trap every once in a while. But, then I remember I’m only supposed to be who God wants me to be – He has my future and my hope secure. I can only achieve, and only want to achieve, what’s best for me through His grace and strength. When I look in the mirror I see the woman of God who desires His best and seeks His face and walks intimately with the Lover of my soul. So I’m done with comparing (for today anyway).


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